Customer satisfaction is the driver in what we do.

Turicum provides for a predominantly international clientele “tailor made” financial, accounting, tax, company administration services and business consulting in Lithuania and, through its partner, Gramatvedibas agentura SIA, in Latvia. Turicum supports foreign companies from their first step into the Baltic States. The provision of Turicum’s services as a rule is by its own staff and where specialized qualifications are required (e.g. legal services, VAT refund), by Turicum’s known and trusted partners.

Turicum’s services are structured in a modular form thus allowing the client to compose the package of services which it requires. This allows our customers to focus on their core activities in the Baltic States.


UAB Turicum was established in 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania as a distribution company and service provider to internationally active foreign enterprises, who had a long term strategic interest and wished to start their business activities in the Baltic States.


Timeliness... Understanding… Reliability... Innovation… Core Business... Uniqueness… Market Orientation...



Social responsibility

Being responsible towards our employees and for the social developments in the country where we conduct our business, we support various types of social projects.


Professional advice and an uplifting atmosphere are an integral part of our service commitment for our customers.